Message from John McLaughlin 2014

I’m very grateful to Mrs. Raghuvir for the invitation to perform for her Shakti Foundation.

I had the pleasure of assisting in another event two years ago, and witnessed the marvelous work Mrs. Raghuvir and her team are doing with children who have been handicapped in some way either physically or mentally.

The reputation of The Shakti Foundation is growing exponentially, and naturally enough, more and more children are seeking assistance from the Foundation. I and my musicians are very happy to be involved in the task of spreading awareness of the Foundation’s work. This work is of paramount importance. Of course, opening access to buildingsĀ 4d-band-3with steps is one of the principal physical accomplishments they are making, but it certainly does not end there. Other important task confronting the Foundation today is in creating access to computers and information technology.: The development of programs such as text to speech for those unable to use a keyboard, and vice versa for the blind. The list goes on.

Look forward to seeing you there.

– John McLaughlin

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