Message from John McLaughlin

IMG_6843Dearest Friends,

It gives me enormous pleasure to come back to Chennai after some years of absence, particularly with my esteemed colleagues in the Shakti group.

In addition to the pleasure, it is also an honor to have the opportunity to play for the wonderful Shakti Foundation here in Chennai. I’ve been aware for quite a few years now, of the wonderful work that Mrs.Raghuvir and her dedicated team at the Shakti Foundation have been doing for the physically challenged children. This is a continual work in progress, and I and my colleagues are delighted and proud to be able to help the Foundation in its noble work. Along with myself will be Tabla Maestro Zakir Hussain, Mandolin Shrinivas, Shankar Mahadevan and Selvaganesh Vinayakram.

We will performing at the Music Academy, Chennai on Feb 11th @ 7.30pm.

The Shakti Foundation today is a help line office for over 1300 physically challenged children abandoned by their parents because of their disability. They are housed in 15 special schools in Chennai and the foundation helps provide whatever their needs are throughout the year by way of wheelchairs, crutches, education stipends, medicines, uniforms, rehabilitation aids and any other specific requirements.

Apart from this, Shakti Foundation also crusade relentlessly for access and a barrier free environment together with the emphasis on ramps being made mandatory in all public buildings.

The FOUNDATION’s MOTTO ‘To Love, To Care To Share’ is most appropriate, and I urge each one of you to come forward to help realize the founder’s vision and take it forward.

The ticket proceeds of ‘Remember Shakti’ are being directed for a most notable cause, that is, towards the purchase of a school bus for the physically and mentally challenged children and hospital equipment.

Really looking forward to seeing you at the concert,

– John McLaughlin

For further details on the fundraiser on Feb 11, call 26611213 or email

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